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A typical school day for a fourth grade student is pretty busy or action packed.

6:30- My alarm goes off or my mom wakes me up.
6:35- I take a shower.
6:41- I get out of the shower.
6:43- I get dress for school.
7:05- We get into the van.
7:25- We get to school.
8:00- We go eat breakfast.
8:10- I finish my breakfast.
8:30- I go see outside to see my friends.
8:40- We go to the classroom.
8:45- We read your books.
9:05- We go to reading.
10:00- We eat snack and we do spelling.
10:30- We go to Art or Gym.
11:00- We get out our Math.
12:00- We get out our Social Studies.
12:40- We get ready for lunch.
1:00- We go outside for recess.
1:30- We come inside.
1:35- We do Science.
3:10- We get ready to go home.
3:15- I go to Latchkey.
4:30- My mom picks me up from school.
4:50- I get home and take a nap.
6:00- I eat dinner.
6:30- I wash the dishes.
7:00- We watch TV.
7:30- My sister gets ready for bed.
8:00- I get ready for bed.
8:30- We go to bed.

As you can see, fourth grade students have a very busy day.

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