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Music is popular to Superior, W.I. There are many different kinds of music. Band songs are really in the groove. There are groups of band songs like Backstreet Boys, Rascal Flatts, & Dixie Chicks. Rock-n-Roll songs are really loud & wild. There are groups of rock-n-roll songs like Green Bay, Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar, & Beach Boys. Hip-hop songs are really hip. There are groups of hip-hop songs like Black Eyed peas, Shakera, & Eminem.

Instruments can make music. In schools, in the music room there are instruments & we play recorders. There is a group called the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra & they play at the DECC. All 4th & 5th graders are going to see them perform at the Young People concert. We will see the instruments they’re going to play.

We have lots of chances to hear music in this area. You can buy music at the store; listen to it on T.V, radio, C.D player, computer, or in person. Some people may like music or they may not like music. There is a type of music here for everybody in Superior, WI.

How We Dress in Superior Edit

In the winter we wear snow pants, jackets, hats, mittens, a sweater, or a and/or gloves .If you love snow, you should wear snowpants, snowsuits, coats, ski socks, leg warmers, boots and long underwear. On a chilly day inside I prefer a turtle neck, long sleeve shirts and slippers. I love wearing red, green and white!

On a warm day in spring we wear short sleeve shirts or a skirt. On a cold day you should wear sweat pants, jackets, waterproof shoes, or a really warm sweatshirt, I prefer a rain suit.

In summer time, we usually wear tank tops, shorts, sunglasses, flip flops, sandals, T-shirts, tennies, and a skirt. When it hits eighty degrees you feel like you’re going to burst, it makes you want to jump into the pool, so wear a swimsuit. I like wearing a mini skirt and a sweatshirt when it gets dark.

When it’s fall, I like to wear Halloween costumes, jeans, sweatpants, turtlenecks, rain boots, or stretch pants. On a really cold day, you should wear mittens, gloves, T-shirts, leg warmers, or long sleeve shirts. That will hopefully keep you warm in the cold.

The weather is very unpredictable in Superior, WI. As a result it is important to dress for the weather. Most people leave the house prepared for drastic temperatures and weather changes. Be prepared for all types of weather.

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