After School Clubs At Smithills

There are a number of clubs for us to take part in after school. Some of these include:

  • The Drama Club, which helps the younger students develop their drama and performing techniques.
  • We have a snorkelling club before school on a Tuesday, which teaches us real snorkelling skills or just to have fun.

  • The football club (soccer) is a voluntary club where we can train and have matches against other schools teams.
  • We also have a homework club where you can hang out with friends and help each other with work, or use the many computer facilties for free.

Things to do outside of school

Although we have lost the water complex and several cinemas there is still things to do in Bolton:

  • The Bolton Lads and Girls club is a free organization made many years ago to help bored and poorer children but has now become the most popular club in the town with over 3000 members. It offers trips to fun activities like rock-climbing, football matches and general fun.
  • The IKON club in the town centre has a youth night when kids under 18 can go with their friends.

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