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The entrance to the school is in Milestone Lane. There is a lot of traffic on the main road next to our school so we have to be careful.

We start the school day at 9.00am and finish at 3.30pm. We greet the teachers every morning. We can stay over after school to do other activities if we want.

The teachers plan our work for us and most of the time it is interesting. We have to wear a uniform. The blazer, trousers and shoes are black, with a white shirt and yellow and black tie.

We have a four-story building and a new Business & Enterprise Centre. There is also a full size Astro Turf for playing games and a large expanse of grass which we use for PE as well.

Over 1000 students attend Holyhead and at lunchtimes they have to stay on site to make sure they are safe. We also have a fence around the school for security.

Holyhead is a multi-cultural school and everybody is respected equally. Many of the students go for holidays back to their own home countries.

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