The Covington Cougars are a big part of life at Covington Elementary School in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Covington is cool. Everyone knows it is the home of cougars.

The Covington Cougars are all of our students. Our school colors are purple and gold. Every once in a while there is a purple and gold day to show our school spirit. We have a week of Spring Break. The group Devo 2.0 came to visit us. Also we get a Mad Science day. We also see a funny person called Retro Bill he is a nice guy.

The Covington students are a great bunch of kids! As a matter of fact, they are able to collect Cougar Paws for their great behavior!Cougar paws are peices of paper with a paw print on them. There is a drawing every thursday. The Cougar Code is as follows: Be Here, Be Ready, Be Safe and Be Respectful.


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