Well there are some strange teachers at Canon Slade School, that is for sure. But they need to be strange to work at our school. Please add funny stories about any of them.

  • Well in year 7 my mate was playing with a rubber and the teacher turned round and shouted at them WHAT IS THAT BOY?! Well it's pretty obvious isn't it? 'A rubber'. The teacher then shouted, "What's that for?" Pretty stupid question don't you think and what's my mate meant to say? "For rubbing things out." My mate got shouted at and sent out. What else could he have said?
  • In yr8 when I was in Latin we were translating a story about a dog(canis) so my teacher jumped on table and started barking!!!!!
  • My friend in year 7 once got a detention for smiling in a history lesson, and they say we should enjoy school!!!!

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