How seriously do the authorities listen to what you say?Edit
How much do you care about sport?Edit

Sport is really important in Apex, North Carolina. One of the main sports that people play is soccer--football to our world friends. We have a mild climate, so people can play competitive soccer from late February until early December. In our area of town, there are also several major US universities that have excellent soccer programs, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Blogs, personal online space and IMS... Do you need them?Edit
Does your education matter?Edit
Are you proud of where you live?Edit
How important is 'family'?Edit
Your money, your health or your friends?Edit
What's the top 10 list of 'stuff to sort out' where you liveEdit
How safe do you feel in your home and school?Edit
Edit this to make your own big questionEdit
Edit this to make your own big questionEdit

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